Monday, April 21, 2014

Mixing Motherhood, Marriage, and MBA: Latasha Watkins

Latasha Watkins – MBA Class of 2014, Marketing & Management major

Latasha with her sons
Latasha Watkins knew that she wanted to be a mom but she also knew that she wanted to get her MBA. So she pursued both and arrived on campus pregnant with her second child while her husband stayed in Chicago with their 15-month-old son. 

“This was probably the most inconvenient time in my life to be a full-time MBA student.”  
With the full support of her husband, David, her extended family, and her Kelley family, she successfully completed “The Core” (first 4 months at Kelley) and welcomed her second child during spring break.  Talk about planning! 

“Everyone was genuinely helpful - my teams, my classmates, the faculty and staff.  It was rigorous because I traveled home to Chicago a lot to spend weekends with my husband and son”. 

Latasha often managed assignments and team meetings while traveling home to Chicago; she was able to find a couple of her books on tape so she could listen during her 4-hour drive and she would attend team meetings over Skype when out of town.
Latasha found a number of resources in Indiana which helped her family to available resources. 

“It was immensely helpful!  After working my internship I returned to campus with my youngest son who was just 5-months old.  I found dependable childcare that I trusted which allowed me to focus on my schoolwork.”  

Her typical “work day” included classes, graduate assistance ship work, team meetings, and a workout here and there.  “I’d pick-up Jonathan and we’d have our mommy-son time for 3 hours before I put him to bed…then I’d start the second shift of classwork until midnight or later.  My husband was super-supportive and during final exams, he would keep both boys with him in Chicago.  It has been a lot of work but it’s been a great journey.  I made the most of it, had fun, and even found time to participate in a case competition.  It was hard to be away from my family at times but I honestly wouldn't change it.  I’m super excited to be graduating in May!  I feel like the whole family is graduating because we did it together as a team!


  1. Tasha, I am so happy for you! This is an amazing write up about faith, love, sacrifice, dedication and hard work. What an inspirational testimony about trusting God and pursuing your dreams regardless the circumstance. Dave should receive an Honorary MBA! Congratulations Watkins Family!

  2. You're my role model Latasha! I witnessed your journey through b-school and was in awe. Kuddos to you and your team! You did it!